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Ian MacLennan sportin his Gongs

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Three Canadians Receive Awards For Work at Malta

London, Oct. 26, 1942 — (CP Cable) — Three members of the R.C.A.F., piloting fighter planes in defence of Malta, were among airmen for whom immediate awards were announced today. They were Flight-Lieut. H.W. McLeod, of Regina, who received the bar to his Distinguished Flying Cross; Flight.-Lieut E. Glazebrook, of Outremont, Que., who received the D.F.C., and Flight-Sgt. I.R. MacLennan, who received the D.F.M.


Born in Regina, 4 April 1919;
home in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan (student);
enlisted in Regina 23 October 1940.
Trained at No.2 ITS (graduated 8 February 1941),
No.6 EFTS (graduated 30 March 1941), and
No.10 SFTS (graduated 22 June 1941).
Served in No.610 Squadron, February to April 1942,
No.401 Squadron from April to the end of May when
posted to Malta,
arriving via HMS Eagle on 9 June 1942.
Returned to England in December 1942 and
given home leave.
Returned overseas and posted to No.443 Squadron, in February 1944.
Shot down 7 June 1944
Postwar architect.
Medal sent by registered mail 16 November 1948.


MacLENNAN, FS Ian Roy (R70978) - Distinguished Flying Medal - No.1435 Flight
Award effective 22 October 1942 as per London Gazette dated 3 November 1942 and
AFRO 1962/42 dated 4 December 1942.

One day in October 1942, this airman destroyed two of a force of thirty Junkers 88 which attempted to attack Malta. The next day he destroyed a Messerschmitt 109. Flight Sergeant MacLennan has displayed great courage and tenacity. He has destroyed four and damaged several more enemy aircraft.


Chris Shores, Aces High (2nd edition) not only lists his victories
but information on most aircraft flown by him as follows:

24 May 1942          one FW.190 damaged (No.401 Squadron);
25 July 1942,          one Ju.88 damaged (No.1435 Flight, Malta);
10 August 1942,     one Bf.109 destroyed
                                      (No.1435 Squadron, with which unit
                                      all the following were claimed);
14 August 1942,      one Re.2001 claimed (actually an MC.202);
11 October 1942,    two Bf.109s damaged (Spitfire EP203, "G");
                                two Ju.88s destroyed plus
                                one Ju.88 damaged on another sortie (EP717 "D")
12 October 1942,    one Bf.109 destroyed plus
                                one damaged (EP203 "G");
14 October 1942,    one Ju.88 damaged;
16 October 1942,    one Ju.88 damaged (BP860 "X");
26 October 1942,    one Bf.109 destroyed (BR591 "R");
14 November 1942, one S.75 destroyed (misidentified as an S.82; EP915 "V")


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, July 12, 1944—The Department of National Defense for Air today issued Casualty List No. 933 of the Royal Canadian Air Force, showing next-of-kin of those named from Ontario as follows:
Missing After Air Operations:
MacLENNAN, Ian Roy, D.F.M., Flt. Lieut., Gull Lake. Sask.


PMR 78-191                 
PMR 78-194 and          
PMR 78-201 show him.
(and probably all the ones in between)


See magazine High Flight, Volume II, Nos.2 and 3 (1982).
Aces, Warriors & Wingmen, by Wayne Ralph

Ian is alive and well as of June 2005


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